Yasmine of Gaza – Hope from a sieged land


A new art gallery came to town! Along with a new, thoughtful and inspiring exhibition.

We had the pleasure to visit it yesterday and we couldn’t be happier to write our first exposition review on Yasmine of Gaza. Have you ever heard about the Jasmine House – Art & Food? Probably not, as it has just opened last week – but trust uswhen we say that this place will become a hotspot in the art scene of Amman. Located in the heart of Jabal Webdeh (just off Paris Circle), with jasmines and bougainvillea as framework, this gallery is inspired by the style of an Italian house of the 50s – as the Jasmine team describes it – “where artists and intellectuals, around a table, shared ideas and projects”. The Jasmine staff is composed by brilliant Italian and Jordanian minds, and the touch of both cultures is delicately perceivable in every fine detail.

The first exhibition hosted by this new art gallery is Yasmine of Gaza by the photographer and co-founder Sami Haven. After the brutal images that international media share about this strip of land under siege, the exposition surprises you as the artist has the power to throw you gently in the middle of an unknown Gaza, where life seems challenging yet inspiring. The “common” images of death that we risk to get used to, are here set apart to leave space for desire to live and genuine smiles that fill your spirit with hope in human kind. And don’t expect a photographs-only exhibit: Yasmine of Gaza is a multimedia experience that involves all your senses…

We don’t want to unveil all the details though, as the personal discovery is part of the experience. Hurry up as the exhibit will last only till October 28th: go and explore a new side of Amman, and Gaza.

Jabal Italia team


Sami Haven, the Jabal Italia team and friends


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  1. Roulette Revolver · October 9, 2014

    Looks great!

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